​​Pinnacle HOA Management

5343 Belleville Crossing Street #10 Belleville, IL 62226



·       What is happening with the bike path along Golf Course Drive?

·       Please direct any questions about the bike path to the St. Clair County Transit District at 618-628-8090. The bike path is not on the Orchards Common Ground. While the entrance to the path has many residents concerned, neither the property nor the street is under the control of the HOA. Additionally, the HOA has not been given any additional information about continuation of the bike path through the Orchards. When and if any information is provided, we will contact all residents via email.


  •   Who do I contact about sidewalk replacement?

·       The city of Belleville offers a 50/50 replacement program, where half of the cost is paid by the city and the other half is paid by the homeowner. Please call the engineering department at 618-257-7649. https://www.belleville.net/417/Sidewalk-Replacement


·       Who do I contact about street repairs?

·       You may visit https://www.belleville.net/FormCenter/Report-A-Concern-25/Report-A-Concern-63to report issues online or call the street department at 618-239-3454.


·       Who do I contact about building a sidewalk on my street or adding stop signs?

·       Any additions to City property is best discussed first with you Aldermen. Points of contact for Ward 8 Aldermen are:

·       Chris Rothweiler (2019/2023)

3125 Roan Hill Dr.

Belleville, IL 62221




Dr. Mary G. Stiehl (2017/2021)

2600 Pro Tour Dr.

Belleville, IL 62220




·       How do I know if property within and surrounding the Orchards is a residential lot, common area, golf course, privately owned parcel, city easement or other:

·       Go to the St Clair County parcel search website at: 


 from there you can type in the address, name or parcel number and get the property record by year. From the property record you may view a map of the parcel.

·       Who do I contact regarding issues with the golf course?

·       You may call the clubhouse at 618-233-8921 or email info@orchardsgolfclub.com


·       Who is responsible for maintaining the Detention Area on Jack Nicklaus?

·       The City of Belleville has completed construction of the detention area and will seed the area in September 2019.  The area will be maintained by the HOA in the same manner as other common areas in the neighborhood.


·       Who do I contact regarding maintenance of the two lakes in The Orchards?

The lakes are golf course property and questions on maintenance should be addressed with golf      course personnel at 618-233-8921 or email info@orchardsgolfclub.com